Volume BMX: 3 Days in Vancouver

Volume’s Broc Raiford, Demarcus Paul, & Josh Clemens join Canadian natives Owen Dawson, Tristan Sweet and Joel Dykstra for 3 days of cruising in Vancouver.

“Our guys Mike Mastroni, Josh Clemens, Broc Raiford, Demarcus Paul and our Canadian riders, Owen Dawson, Tristan Sweet and Joel Dykstra did a couple shop stops at 3 Ride and Rock Bay BMX in Canada and on their off time (3 days) they ended up riding some amazing spots and getting a ton of clips. Hard to believe they got this much done in such a short amount of time.

Huge thanks to our Canadian distributor Kill Em All Distro for making it happen. Also thanks to 3 RIDE Vancouver and Rock Bay BMX for having us at their shops.” – VLM

Video by Mike Mastroni