Vinny Procelli Ferrari Vs. Justin Bieber Lamborghini

This left me scratching my head, but I figured if I had to watch it, then you have to watch it.

A Ya! Vinny Procelli Ferrari Edit, Lets Race A’ ! 

Update: So we Drop this EDIT and Justin Bieber’s response on Instagram was Kick Flipped stairs in the ATL! Vinny can Respect That! To All Justin’s FAN’s the #Beliebers I say he stepped up, and Straight Skated on a BMXer, Dang it! 

Enjoy the Comedy and Share! 
Stay Backwards.
#Fracas #FANO #emer

Thank you All Riders! 
Thank you Team Ferrari 
Thank you Wardrobe 
Thank you Camera Crew 
Thank you Lipton Ice Tea for keeping me going! 

Be safe on your Bike Wear a Helmet! but more important Get a Friend into Riding!”