Video: The Wizard of Aus–Roadtrips and Big Tricks

This episode of Corey Bohan’s Wizard of Aus show follows Corey from Woodward West to Riverside, where he shreds at each spot. This one is very riding focused and really great. Following the session at Woodward West, Corey travels to Heath Pinter’s trails and then Luke Parslow’s “It Is What It Is II” jam, where there is a ton of footage of Hucker doing some wild moves on the big jumps. Check it all out above.

Corey Bohan heads to Woodward West in Stallion Springs, California for a day of camp, riding with Brian Hunt and making some new friends in the process.

After that, it’s off to Heath Pinters backyard for a quick sunset session before meeting up with Mike “Hucker” Clark, TJ Ellis, Paul Langlands and Corey Nastazio at Luke Parslow’s “It Is What It Is Jam”- a fundraiser for Stephen Murray in Riverside, California.

In the next episode, Corey is surrounded by the madness of the US Open of Surf in Huntington Beach, and then whisked away to Nicaragua for an impromptu surf mission with Travis Rice and the Brothers on the Run- Eric and John Jackson.

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