Video: Sun Ringle’s “In the Budget” Detroit Roadtrip

This is awesome from beginning to end–the Tony Malouf produced “In the Budget” video for Sun Ringle. Shot on a May 2012 roadtrip to Detroit, Michigan, the Sun crew consisting of Jeff Klugiewicz, Timmy Theus, JJ Flairty, Brad Gibbs, Trent McDaniel, Mark Potoczny, Josh Eilken and Reed Stark found a bunch of cool stuff that really isn’t seen too often (if at all). Obviously the whole crew kills it, but highlights include classic Jeff K. steeze, Timmy Theus getting cleaner and more stylish than ever, JJ Flairty showing that he’s not just a box jump kid, Potoczny getting back on the streets, fresh Eilken footage and Reed Stark murdering everything he touches. Press play on this one–you won’t be let down.