Video: Skapegoat 7

Fans of Animal, Bob Scerbo, and the East Coast way of street riding are going to be way stoked on this one–the seventh installment in Bob’s Skapegoat series. Tons of random footage from across the States put together with Bob’s signature editing style–press play and enjoy 25 minutes of raw riding above.

In other awesome Animal news, they announced that QSS #4 is in the works, with full sections from Wiz, Lino Gonzales, and Garrett Hoogerhyde. Who else out there is stoked to see a full Wiz section?

Here is Skapegoat 7, sorry for the bad quality but I got no bandwith where I live and honestly I don't know anything about compressing videos or making videos in general. There will be a limited run of DVD's available soon for anyone who is interested in that sort of thing, it will have a zine and some bonus shit and be available through Animal, T-1 and Empire.
QSS#4 coming soon, look for a trailer in the near future. As of now, Lino, Wiz and Hoogerhyde sections plus random footage of the squad.