Video: Madera’s HT Crank Promo featuring Josh Eilken

Josh Eilken kills himself and a ton of setups in the latest Madera video, promoting their new HT cranks. There’s always a serious lack of Eilken footage in the world for his skill level and unique eye, and Tony Malouf always comes through with the goods on the production side of things, so take a look at this video for sure:

This edit features Josh Eilken shredding hard to celebrate the release of the newest Madera Cranks.

There are some major changes for this crank set:

1. Heat Treated Arms – A new process making the arms less likely to bend and more likely to last longer.
2. Lifetime Warranty – Against factory defect and bending or breaking of spindle and arms (with original receipt).
3. Retail price from $143 and up depending on kit.

Protocol HT Cranks

Made in USA Quality
Available in Black
19mm Gun Drilled Hollow CrMo Spindle
Mid, Spanish, American, or standard Euro BB sold seperately
Compatible with Profile Ti Spindle upgrade (sold seperately)
175mm arms with GDH Spindle weighs: 810g / 28.5oz

Filmed and edited by Tony Malouf

Photography by Terry Hamilton