Video: Lee Dennis’ Sunday Soundwave Special Complete Bike

Check out Lee Dennis doing some lines at Woodward West to promote Sunday’s new 2013 Sunday Soundwave Special. Pretty cool to see companies making a total top of the line bike–check out the details on it below.

If you're looking for the ultimate complete bike available today then let Lee Dennis show you the new 2013 Soundwave Special. It uses all aftermarket parts from Odyssey and Sunday. The frame, fork, bars and cranks all use 41 Thermal Heat-Treating and come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against bending and breaking. Lee throws down some smooth lines along with the help of a Woodward West camper in this video. It's easy to build a top of the line bike, but to give it a price tag of $1,149.99 (USA MSRP) is very difficult to do. Check after the break to see more photos and the specs of the Soundwave Special. Choose Wisely!