Video: Jeremy Ball’s Hunt Section

Jeremy Ball’s section for The Hunt made the finals but will not be included in the DVD, so they’ve released his section filmed with Tyler Deschaine. Check it out above–this is one of Jeremy’s best and most diverse videos to date.

Making the finals, but falling short of the dvd, Jeremy Ball’s Hunt part is just too good not to see the light of day. J-Ball’s Hunt Part was compiled over two months, with filming across Washington, Colorado, and Michigan. Jeremy and I set out to create a part that not only show cased unique spots, but also his undoubtedly versatile style. It is amazing to watch him show up to a spot and just start killing lines like a local. I have filmed with Jeremy for almost a decade, and still he never seizes to amaze me with big tricks and big lines. He shows us that the classics will never go out of style, and some times going fast and sideways is all you need to have fun and inspire people to ride.

Special thanks goes out to all the locals at Lynnwood, Morrison, and Greeley. Without all your hard work this part wouldn’t have been possible.

Filming/ Editing: Tyler Deschaine
Additional Filming: Chad Rhul

Artist – Trip Like Animals 
Song – Bloodflowersfeathersilversex 
Album – The Sun of Endless Spring