Video: How to Double Whip with Kyle Baldock

Honestly, riding and especially ramp riding is at such a high level these days that I don’t even know when kids would start learning these. Either way, check out how Kyle Baldock would recommend learning double whips on (twelve foot) quarter pipes.

Kyle Baldock’s bag of tricks is deep and a double tailwhip is a staple for BMX professionals, so find yourself a 12 foot quarter pipe and let Kyle teach you a pro staple. You need to be comfortable airing high out of the quarter pipe and have your single tailwhips on lock, after that is all about speed. It may seem a bit scarier, but Kyle is convinced that it is less about the kick and more about the speed when you leave the lip that seals the deal with double tailwhips. Watch and learn as one of the best breaks down the double tailwhip in this Step By Step with Kyle Baldock.

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