Video: Corey Bohan’s Wizard of Aus–Episode 11

Heavy on the riding and the laughs, Corey Bohan keeps it local in this episode of Wizard of Aus. The night session at Heath Pinter’s house is really cool, with Corey doing some stunts for a new Unit Clothing video inspired by the likes of Brian Foster, Mike Aitken, Kris Bennett, and more. After a short surfing break, Corey hits the Chino and Brookhurst parks with Biz, Dave Dilleward, and guest star Brian Hunt. Brian even gives the 20 Year Issue of Ride BMX some love in the episode and of course, all the riding from the skatepark session is on point. Check it out above.

Be sure to stay on the look out for Episode 12 of Wizard of Aus soon, when Corey hits the NORA Cup Awards that went down last night in Las Vegas.