Vans – Messin’ With Texas – Chapter 1

Press Release:

Early in April the VANS BMX crew took the opportunity to escape the European weather and visit some friends in Austin TX, USA. A lot of the riders haven’t been to Austin before so it was about time to check out the typical Austin scene and lifestyle so many guys told them about. The first thing everyone has seen at souvenir shops were t-shirts with the print “keep Austin weird” – well if that wasn’t enough for a motto, what was?

The trip wasn’t meant to be a full on heavy riding production. We wanted to adapt to the Austin vibe and create more of a documentary of our stay.

The crew was the most part of the VANS EMEA team and some local reppers from the UK team. Austin locals Dylan Smith and Chase Hawk joined the crew even for a day or two at some spots.

List of crew members:
Ben Hennon
Bruno Hoffman
Bas Keep
Tobias Wicke
Kevin Kalkoff
Matt Priest
Dan Lacey
Phil Aller
Zack Williams

All edits were filmed by Alex “Mayol” Baret / GREENFILMS
Photos by Vincent Perraud / VANS

Many thanks to the people that made our stay so comfy:
Bas Keep, Walter Peringer, Joe Rich at T1, Aaron Ross, Austin the BBQ chef, Tommy Dugans backyard, all locals, Dylan Smith, the shark tank, Lima, Jerry Badders, etc.