Vans Germany BMX – Welcome Paul Thölen

15 year old Paul Thölen can roast all things transition and apparently some weather had this welcome edit on hold, but the boy persevered and will have many commenting on the origin of that last trick. Scooter or not?


“Paul Thölen made it to the German VANS team in early 2014. He never had an official welcome edit, especially with school still taking a big part of his life, and Paul wanted to ride outdoors, which is not the easiest in central Europe before summer.

Well, here it is – a really neat compilation of the 15 year old at three different spots around Germany. Paul goes big, goes both ways and upside down… consider this an appetizer for what Paul still will be delivering in the future.

High 5 Paul, stoked to have you on board.


Music: “Light & Motion” by Aerials”