Urban Playgrounds

Ahhh, this is so good. Why can’t we have playgrounds like this in America?

Urban Playgrounds a BMX video by Ride UK BMX

“Every now and then a web edit will pop up with the odd clip of someone riding in a playground, with good reason. There are so many spots where a slide has been built on top of a banked area, where springy animal-shaped seats are placed onto nicely transitioned mounds or where zip line platforms create driveways and hips. And then there are the random landscaped areas surrounding the playground obstacles, those redundant bumps and banks that are seemingly pointless to most kids but lots of fun for us – the big kids on BMX bikes.

I decided to search out some of the best transitioned playgrounds around London then invite a few chosen riders to interpret them. Some weren’t as good as I thought, some were a bust, some stayed wet and dewy or even mossy for months, some had other issues, but many of them worked out quite well. When we got a session going it felt good – after all, we were simply having fun in a playground.