TSG’s VEP Line

40% better protection with VEP. TSG launches new protectors.

Zurich, Switzerland, August 8 2012: TSG strongly expands its line of bike protectors with VEP and launches new products in cooperation with team riders.

VEP is the new visco-elastic foam used by TSG since spring 2012. Soft and pre-shaped 3D protection pads adapt to the wearer's body features and anatomy through body heat, and they don't slip either. This is achieved through TSG's famous horseshoe shape, which entirely wraps the upper elbows and knees. VEP is visco-elastic and thus, can handle multiple impacts. After an impact or shock from the outside, the protection pad returns to its original shape while retaining all of its functionality features. In case of a slow application of a force, the VEP material absorbs the impact energy through gentle cushioning, whereas in case of a crash – meaning high-velocity force effect – the foam yields only slightly. Why? Because the air in the cell structure remains locked in within the foam and thus, cannot escape so quickly. This is how a relatively thin and extremely lightweight material like VEP offers premium damping performance. Plus, VEP reacts without time delays in order to minimize strain on the body. The new foam's impact energy absorption rate is 40% higher than the one conventional foam types.

In order to prevent sharp stones or other objects from penetrating the foam in case of a fall, TSG has used an additional elastic synthetic insert for all VEP pads. The insert is extremely flexible to avoid a limitation of the soft protector's mobility. The synthetic insert is Velcro-fixed onto the VEP pad and can easily be removed from all protectors which feature a removable VEP pads.

New products for 2013

TSG strongly expands its line of VEP protectors in 2013. Passionate freeriders will love the Knee-Shinguard Temper for offering reliable protection and unrestricted freedom of movement. Combining a knee and shin guard, the Temper impresses with a soft VEP knee pad and solid shin protection plate. EVA foam in between the knee pad and the shin as well as along the side of the knees provide for additional stability and protection. Anti-slip neoprene strips around the cuffs and 4 Velcro closures on the back ensure a snug fit.The Tahoe knee and elbow guards are perfect for dirt sessions and freeride trips with the focus being on wearing comfort and superior protection. The Full-Coverage VEP pads on the knees and elbows cover the entire area. The foam's visco-elasticity provides for soft and pleasant wearing comfort while offering 40% better protection than conventional foam types. A pre-shaped design, Horseshoe shaped pad, anti-slip neoprene strips as well as 2 Velcro closures ensure maximum anti-slip fun on the bike.

The Shinguard Samir is the perfect addition to the Tahoe knee guards: It has been developed according to the feedback and ideas of pro riders Sam Pilgrim und Amir Kabbani. The shin guard features a shorter cut to match and combine with longer knee guards. A moderate foam pad, removable shin plate and lateral bar along the inner side of the calf offer protection against uncontrolled pedal movements and for spins.

Launching the Crash Pant VEP, TSG uses the new foam for protection shorts as well. A comfortable Lycra short, it features mesh material to ensure efficient ventilation. Removable thigh and hip pads are made of VEP to adapt to the anatomy of the wearer's body. Coccyx protection comes with an additional EVA pad.

Further products of the VEP collection include the 2nd Skins, Kneeguard Task, Kneeguard Slim and Frag Shirt Advanced.

All guards are CE certified and were tried and tested by the TSG team riders in terms of fit wearing comfort and performance.