Trey Herrera – I Got $5 On It

Trey Herrera earns himself a well deserved five bucks not just for his riding but also for his work shoveling snow out of the park. Who said BMX doesn’t pay!

“On this weeks I Got 5 On It we have Trey Herrera, Trey can boost and do tricks I will never do! He rips around Greenwood Village skatepark and earns himself $5 bucks after him and a few homies shoveled out the park of snow. Despite the snow trying to stop our session once again it went off pretty well. Trey killed it without sweating one trick,he is so dialed as what he does it is just ridiculous. I wish I could do half that stuff on lock as he does with ease, so check it out as Trey shreds Greenwood Village skatepark.

Rider – Trey Herrera

Music – J5ATRON – The Great Barracuda”