Transworld Ride BMX – Insight

Today is a good day.  It's a good day because, Ryan Navazio just uploaded the Transworld Ride BMX "Insight" DVD for our viewing pleasure.  This 2007 video has full parts from Dakota Roche, Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco, Mark Gralla, Jeff Kocsis, Tom White, Jared Washington, Mike Brennan and Davey Watson.  This was THE video to own back in the day and would live in my DVD player for months at a time.  Do yourself a favor and click play now.

"Insight DVD 2007
"A look at what it takes to film a video part, from start to finish"
Filmed/Edited/Directed by Ryan Navazio

Featuring parts from

Dakota Roche
Chester Blacksmith
Darryl Tocco
Mark Gralla
Jeff Kocsis
Tom White
Jared Washington
Mike Brennan
Davey Watson

Also Featuring
Randy Brown
Van Homan
Albie Bennett
Sean Burns
Nathan Williams
Josh Betley
Jack Maddock
Mike Hoder
Drew Hossleton
Eric Lichtenberger
Kurt Rasmusson
Raul Ruiz"