TRA 2nd Annual GRINDlab Jam

Shout out to the TRA for continuing to bring fun, homespun events to riders that can’t/aren’t allowed to attend larger events. Check the highlights and photo gallery from the second annual Grind Lab Jam.



TRA BMX 2014 Grindlab Jam and Contest Results

Camp Hill, PA (July 18, 2014) – The 2nd annual TRA Grindlab Jam was held Saturday, July 12th at

the Grindlab Indoor/Outdoor Bike & Skatepark in Camp Hill, PA. With great prizes and support from

Dan's, S&M, Fit, Odyssey, Empire, Blackman's Cycle, Dirtsculpt, Axlerad Screen Printing, SNAFU,

Hyper, Soilworks, iON, Shadow, Subrosa, and Standard, the event was a one-of-a-kind amateur jam

and comp for riders of all ages.

This year's format featured 4 contests: Expert Park, Beginner Dirt, Expert Dirt, and 30 & Over Expert

Dirt. Event Organizer, Mike Gentilcore explained "we've had lots of requests since last year's event

to add a 30 & Over Expert class, so were psyched to add it to the contest. If the riders want it, we

make it happen." This year's judges included trail staple Matt Stoner and one of Posh trails' main

caretakers, Brian Coleman. Each rider got 3 runs and highest combined score was used to determine

the top three in each class. Can You Dig It was on hand to film the action along with Elevated Visuals'

Troy Zeigler and ECD's Nilo Hodge. A brief rainstorm passed through early in the day giving the dirt

jumps a good wet down and bringing the crowd indoors to witness the action of Expert Park.

Expert Park was six man battle with tons of action that had the crowd cheering for more. 3rd place

went to Jason Schmuck with big airs on the quarter pipe and multiple tire stall attempts on a window

ledge 15 ft above the floor. After going down so close to pulling it a few times, Jason tried one more

time after no believed he could get up and do it again – a man of pure determination for sure. 2nd

place went to Todd Higer. With solid runs and a variety of tricks, Todd showed the judges why he

deserved to be in the top three. 1st place went to Grindlab's own Jordan Prince. Originally slated to

judge, Jordan entered the contest and blew minds. With huge transfers over the center box combo,

big airs and whips at height, plus lines that utilized the entire park, Jordan set the park on fire with

unbelievable runs and a big smile.

After the rain passed the dirt jumps were untarped and ready for action. Beginner dirt had riders ages

5 through 12 throwing down on the Dirtsculpt-designed mini pump track. 10 year old Rider Delfino

took 1st place by riding like the big guys, linking flowing airs though the rhythm and carving berms at

speed. 2nd place went to 12 year old Sawyer Sorrells who served double duty helping TRA set up for

the contest along with contest co-organizer and mom, Diane Sorrells. 3rd place went to 12 year old

Nick Suhr who laid down some great runs to round out the podium. One of the highlights of the class

was 5 year old Garrett Hawkins who rebel-ran the entire course backward every time.

The day ended with great action in both Expert and 30 and Over Expert Dirt. In 30 and Over Expert

Dirt, Chuck Ware took top honors with solid runs and clicked turndowns that had the younger guys

giving props. 2nd place went to 41 year old Jon Arrigoni with great moves like x-up one footers and

no-BS trail style. Mike Brensinger finished out the top 3 with smooth tables and flowing, consistent


In Expert Dirt, Jordan Prince blasted huge airs and an insane variety of tricks to add another win to

his Expert Park win from earlier in the day. Jordan dropped jaws with smooth no handed 3's, multiple

tailwhips, and 360 tables so clicked and high that Brian Foster would have been proud. 2nd place

went to last year's TRA Grindlab Jam double-winner, Evan Smedley. With smooth one footed tables

and pure moto-whip trail style in every big air, Evan's riding is always top notch and a pleasure to

witness. 3rd place went to James Hawkins who edged out big brother Brad for a podium spot with

tricks like x-up toboggans and clicked unturndowns. A big thanks goes out to 4th place rider Brad

Hawkins who did and amazing job resurfacing both the jump line and pump loop before heading off

to Colorado to join Grindlab course designer and builder, Dave King, and his Dirtsculpt team on their

non-stop 2014 tour building courses for some of the world's largest BMX events.

For full event coverage check out on and visit Grindlab skatepark at You can also check out for behind-the-scenes

footage from Dave King the Dirtsculpt crew including the 2014 Austin X-games, Red Bull Dirt

Conquers, Red Bull Berm Burners builds, and more.

TRA Grindlab Jam – July 12th, 2014 Results:

Expert Dirt:

1. Jordan Prince

2. Evan Smedley

3. James Hawkins

4. Brad Hawkins

5. Julius Greene

30 & Over Expert Dirt

1. Chuck Ware

2. John Arrigoni

3. Mike Brensinger

4. Brandon Rhoack

5. Jason Schmuck

6. Tony Slow

Expert Park:

1. Jordan Prince

2. Todd Higer

3. Jason Schmuck

4. Jeremy Smith

5. Tony Slow

6. Chuck Ware

Beginner Dirt:

1. Rider Delfino (10)

2. Sawyer Sorrells (12)

3. Nick Suhr (12)

4. Landon Rhoads (8)

5. Garret Hawkins (5)

6. Dale Suhr (10)

7. DJ Livingston (12)

8. Chase Delfino (6)

9. Rylee Sorrels (9)

10. Grant Brensinger (7)

11. Bennett Williams (8)

12. Henry Copeland (7)