Tom Dugan Does Malaga (feat. Brian Foster and Ruben Alcantara)

This is definitely someone’s wet dream. Tom Dugan, Brian Foster, and Ruben Alcantara in one video just straight up roasting like only they can. Definitely wild to see how much riding Tom does in this video considering he’s stacking clips for the Fit DVD…the clips he must have saved.

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“Tom Dugan made his way to Malaga, Spain to ride and rub shoulders with OG legends BF and Ruben Alcantara earlier this spring. Tom and Brian’s primary objective was to put some footage in the can for their DVD parts, but as an added bonus, Stew Johnson was kind enough to throw some extras into this little edit for us. Enjoy!

Riders: Tom Dugan, Brian Foster, Ruben Alcantara
Music: “Turn on the Water” – Afghan Wings,
Filmed/Edited by: Stew Johnson”