The Neighborhood – Nigel Sylvester

This is awesome. Nigel met up with Complex and he gives you a rundown of his old neighborhood in Jaimaca, Queens, New York. The whole video really explains a lot about Nigel, but I was particularly fond of the interaction with Nigel’s brother about seven minutes in. Brother gave up his Christmas gifts to get Nigel a proper bike…now that’s love.



“For BMXer Nigel Sylvester, it all started in the driveway at his grandma’s house in Jamaica, Queens with a set of cones and a red, white, yellow and black big wheel with a giant flag standing tall at the rear. That’s the jumpoff point in this week’s edition of ComplexTV‘s The Neighborhood, as we learn a little bit of how the 25-year-old Nike 6.0 rider came to be one of the best in the game.

Cruising around in his Range Rover Sport, Sylvester hits up Merrick BLVD, in between Springfield BLVD and Laurelton PKWY, where he used to ride up and down the street, focusing on speed, control, and getting comfortable with the bike.

For his parents, watching their son skew from the typical college-to-full-time-job path was never a comfortable situation. But with the encouragement of his brother and friends, Nigel was able to push forward and focus on his craft. Check out his other practice spots and take note of “Jack The Ripper,” the owner of the worst bicycle shop in Queens in the video above.”