The Level Below’s “Chick’n Nugg’t” Mixtape Trailer

Being a Midwest local for years, I’ve always been hyped on Jeff Klugiewicz’s work and he’s back at it with the Chick’n Nugg’t mixtape for The Level Below. Watch the trailer for it above and get stoked for this one to come out…

Filmed Mostly By: Jeff Klugiewicz
Grant Castelluzzo
Edited By: Jeff Klugiewicz

If you don’t know what a chick’n nugg’t is watching this trailer might get you up to speed! 
DVD out this Winter!
Riders(in order of appearance): 
Anthony Malvasio
Dylan McCauley
Jeff Dowhen
Jeff Klugiewicz
Grant Castelluzzo
Mike Hinkens
Cohl Wiesbrook-Peterik
August Zeratsky
Rob DiQuattro

ACTUAL MIXTAPE WILL INCLUDE MANY MORE RIDERS! These people will have a bit longer parts than others!
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