Team Iowa v.s. Hannibal Destroyers Street Edit

Take a trip way back to 2007 before the term “web video” had even been coined. Don’t let the age of this fool you though because there’s actually some really good riding in it.

“The original date on this file says Dec 30th, 1969. Something tells me that isn’t correct. I think this was filmed summer of 2007 and was edited for the Burly Jam 2007 after party. At the after party we announced the riders who made the finals for the next day and then showcased a series of “web videos,” although at the time that phrase had not yet been coined.

Team Iowa v.s. Hannibal Destroyers. Riders featured:

Hannibal Destroyers:
Clinton David
Mike Rimi
Bobbie Altiser

Team Iowa Original Affiliates:
Brian Innman AKA T-Rex AKA Shaboom 
Chris Pickard AKA Professional Surfer 
Dan Gordon AKA The Ramper Formerly Known as Tight Pants Dan
Brad Whitcomb AKA Brad The Welder
Chuck Walters AKA Salt Truck Chuck AKA Salty Pants Magillacutty AKA #1 Stunner
Brian Carter AKA Hey Brii Brii 
Fergy AKA Fergy Ferg
Brant Reschly AKA Brantly AKA Duck Stomper

Guest appearances by:
T$B/Ditch Set – Nate Fleedge
217 BMX – TJ Henderson
MidWest Militia – Josh Delcour

Misfits Bullet
Misfits Where Eagles Dare”