Tate Roskelley’s End of the World Volume Bikes Web Video

Simply amazing–Tate somehow manages to make his riding more and more creative every time he puts out an edit.

In honor of the last day of the world, and subsequently the end of the BMX world as you know it, we invite you to delve into the creative mind of Mr. Roskelley for a few minutes. From biblical water travel capabilities, to cartoon inspired banana peel slides, to tricks that arguably are achieved with a funny looking unicycle and not a bicycle…Tate is constantly pushing the envelope in terms of what the parameters of BMX bike riding actually are. In Tate’s mind they simply don’t exist, and they shouldn’t in yours either. It’s a brand new time period in Mayan history, a new year is around the corner, and hopefully it’s a time for more fresh ideas like this in BMX…go out there and get creative!

Filmed by Jordan Utley & Elf Walters.
Edited by Jordan Utley.

Music: Beach House – “Myth”