South Central Los Angeles has a long history with gang violence, drugs, riots, and more. Safe to say it takes a thick skin to survive in the streets there—and one look at Gabe Brooks and you know he’s got that—with a bullet in the leg to prove it! Crooked World caught up with Gabe and got a tour of the where he grew up, mixed with a little  “day in the life “type stuff, and some riding too.

Click here for more edits from Gabe Brooks.

“Gabe Brooks shows the BMX side of South Central LA. Ride around with Gabe through the jungle, see him get straight-up maced on camera, lift some yard weight in the hood, listen to a first hand account of the ’92 LA riots, hear a story about getting shot up while riding BMX and visit some legendary LA trail spots. This is the real deal.”

Thanks to Miles Rogoish for riding along and keeping the camera rolling when things got sketchy. Music scored by Ash Riser.

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