Subrosa Brand – Park Party Albuquerque

It’s a widely known fact that Subrosa knows how to make an average situation into a great one and apparently a demo into a party. Greatness all the way through, but the jump rope session and the race around the park were pure gold.

“The 4th official stop on the Subrosa Park Party tour in Albuquerque at the Los Altos park was insane! 

The park was full of riders, young and old, and everyone was there for a good time! Thank you to all the locals that welcomed us in, brought us beers, rode and partied with us!

Featuring Subrosa pro riders Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Mark Mulville, Nick Bullen, Joris Coulomb and Simone Barraco along side of some local rippers! 

Filmed and Edited by Bobby Kanode
Thumbnail photo by Wes Mcgrath

Special thanks to the bands! 

The Electric Magpie 
“Whats For Tea”…