Subrosa in Albuquerque

This is clearly the best video of the day. The whole Subrosa crew comes through with 17 minutes of dope stuff. Everyone kills it but my personal favorite clips are from Simone Barraco who seemed to really be on his game for this trip…

“Check out “Subrosa in Albuquerque” featuring our entire pro team including Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Mark Mulville, Nick Bullen, Joris Coulomb, and Simone Barraco.

A 17 minute video is pretty impressive when you consider that during this 10 day trip to Albuquerque we also held our annual team meeting, the team filmed an Instagram Slam for The Come Up, held one of our biggest and best Park Party Tour stops, and shot tons of riding and promotional photos! The Subrosa team, employees, Bobby Kanode, and Wes Mcgrath worked so hard, we can’t thank them enough.

We’re releasing this in it’s entirety as apposed to short single rider web edits, because we wanted to release a memorable video that really represented the way our team rides, and vibes with each other. So similar to last years successful “Subrosa in Atlanta” edit this features our entire pro team and the full trip in one big video.

Filmed and Edited: Bobby Kanode

Additional Filming: Lahsaan Kobza Ryan Sher

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“I Told You I Would”

Part 2:
Sidewalk Kal “Trumpets”

Part 3:
Champ “Depressed”

Part 4:
“Dungeon Vultures”

Software Blonde

Special thanks to Wes McGrath and all the Albuquerque locals that showed us so much love!



Subrosa Instagram Slam

Albuquerque Park Party

Subrosa in Atlanta “