The Street Series 2014: Berlin

All sorts of wildness from the Berlin stop of The Street Series. For real though, how underrated is Daniel Tunte?

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My apologies, the video isn’t embeddable, so you’ll have to head over to Mpora…normally I wouldn’t bother, but this one is too damn good….

Google Translate coming thru:

Once in the Dub Monster Energy X Street Series last year Frankfurt spots were checked for their stability , the international festival of Grind enjoyment guested this time in Berlin. Hundreds of riders from all over Europe and even the United States (Nathan Williams had been flown in from the title sponsor as a guest star) had it gathered for lunch at the Plaza in the Hasenheide from where in beautiful spring weather and under the expert guidance of Brian Sądecki it then cross- and cross-walked through the city.

During the day, then spot was disassembled after spot what even an unscheduled rain could change that. And so the first Grinds were made again, even before the ground was even slightly dry. With such motivated participants, it was only a matter of time until the first Banger were in the box. Which driver is to spot which accrued to sporting excellence, you see in our video.

The final point of an equally relaxed as productive day in Berlin then sat Daniel Tünte on the last stop of this extraordinary bike ride through the capital. His Decade at Double Set the National Gallery should be not to beat so fast in any case. And because Daniel was hard come off at all other spots that already lightly battered at this time judges spoke to him deservedly the first place.

Conclusion: Despite the many participants of the day went relatively smoothly, which is certainly not a matter of course, if you go with such a large group through a city. Many thanks to Monster Energy, Dub BMX and Brian Sądecki that they did you manage this feat. ‘ll Be back!

Results – The Street Series 2014 in Berlin: Daniel Tünte Dan Lacey Fernando Laczko”