Stink Pit 4 – FULL VIDEO

Damn, couldn’t ask for a better start to the day!  The Stink Pit crew just uploaded their latest DVD, Stink Pit 4 to Youtube for the world to see.  With four quality DVD’s under their belt, the Stink Pit crew is a name you can trust, with full accreditation from the streets of Philadelphia.  Catch sections from Nick Bott, Eric Capone, Dan Conway, and many more.  This is what a crew video should look like, take notes kids…

“Sections from Dan Conway, Fran Meehan, Ryan Evak, Marty Moore, Nick Bott, Eric Capone, Dan Kelleher “Gannwear”. Plus a couple mix sections with friends from both East and West Coast. ENJOY and remember to keep your eyes peeled for the progress on SP5. Plus we have some DVDs still available for anyone that wants a hard copy.

Filmed by the Crew
Edited by Ryan Landman & Dan Conway
Follow us on Instagram @stinkpit !!!”