Stacked X DECO: Welcome to the Team Matt Closson

Matt Closson is so underrated it is a crime. If you need proof check out this edit he just put together for Deco and Larry Alvarado‘s new shop Stacked BMX. There are so many banging clips in this, it could easily have been used as a DVD section. Check the flier for the opening of Stacked below…

“Stacked BMX shop in association with DECO. would like to proudly welcome Matt Closson to the team. Matt has been a good friend of ours and has a great attitude on and off his bike. With an awesome person like this it made sense to bring on board to rep a rider owned Brand that we will fully support and carry in the shop. Tip your cups to awesome brand like DECO,
Stacked BMX shop 

Thank you for your support!

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