Shocker BMX – George Jackson 2014

It was a damn long time ago, but I met George when Gary Young and I went to Shanghai, China. I remember the following things about him: he was about to get kicked out of China for over-staying his visa, he was super chill, and he absolutely destroyed the massive 20 foot bowl at the SMP park. Although it looks like he didn’t get kicked out of China, it looks like not much has changed seven years later…

“We started filming for this video like 2 years ago. Due to George moved to China so we didn’t have much chance to film but every time we got the chance, we did our best to get as many footage as we could. It’s a long process but we both enjoy it a lot. Hope you enjoy it too!!!

Song – Allah-Las ‘Catamaran’
Filmed and Edited – Bob Cheung”