Frame: Kink Rob Tibbs signature prototype with 21″ top tube. “It’s pretty much the same dimensions as Ryan Sher’s Kink Freebird, but with a 1-1/2″ down tube, 3/4″ chain and seat stays with no caps, and slightly smaller dropouts.”

Fork: Odyssey Race fork

Headset: King, sealed

Bars: Kink Freebird

Stem: Kink Frontloader

Grips: Kink Rob Tibbs signature

Wheels: Odyssey Hazard Lite Pro, 36 spoke with cassette hubs

Tires: Odyssey Rototiller front, Odyssey Path rear. “I run a larger tire in the front because it is easier for me to do no-brake front wheel tricks. I have a 2.1″ in the front and a 1.9″ in the back.”

Cranks: Profile, 175mm with Profile Euro bottom bracket

Chain: KMC

Sprocket: Voice, 25 tooth

Pedals: 1664, magnesium

Rear sprocket: Profile 9-tooth cog

Seat: Kink Pilot

Seatpost: Odyssey Intac

Seatpost clamp: Kink Lite

Brakes: Odyssey Evolver, Odyssey GTX Gyro, Dragonfly lever

Cable: Snafu upper, Odyssey lower. “I’m running a Snafu upper right now because I broke mine at the Vancouver Metro Jam and that was the only upper cable the 3Ride booth had for purchase. This marks my fourth brake problem at a Metro Jam.”

Pegs: Kink Lite. “I ran four pegs for a while because I do some opposite tricks. Then I realized I never used my opposite rear peg, so I took it off.”

Modifications: “I cut an inch or so off both ends of the bars and I chopped off the excess on the axles and the seatpost. I bent down the lever until it felt like it was going to break because I hate smashing my knuckles on the lever. I cut off the grip flange on the left side. If I have a flange and no brake, then the grip stretches out real bad because I push on it so hard. It’s like having a looonnnggg neck.”

Extra info: “The frame has stenciled spray paint graphics on it, which will be the same with the production models. Since Kink was doing a limited-run of my bike I wanted to do something different with the graphics that was feasible. Every frame will be satin black but there will be a bunch of different colored graphics.”

Sponsors: Kink, Rockstar Games,, Demon Seed Clothing, Duffs, Odyssey