“Scooter Rider Throws Down World First BMX Trick!”

I’ve said for a long while that there’s going to be a generation of BMXers (and skateboarders) with a dark, dark past of riding scooters…well, here’s the extreme example. Ryan Williams does a very scooter-esque move (what are those called, bri-flips?) during a Nitro Circus event.


“Over the past few years, Ryan Williams has changed the way the Nitro Crew, and action sports fans in general, think about scooter riders.

Throwing down almost a dozen different world firsts including the Silly Willy, laid out double frontflips, front flip scooter flips, and a whole bunch more, R-Willy has proven to be one of the most talented action sports athletes on the planet, as well as the world’s best scooter rider.

However, scooters aren’t all he rides. He’s also an extremely skilled BMXer, hucking down tricks that most people wouldn’t even dream of throwing off the 50-foot high Nitro Gigant-A-Ramp.

On our recent European Tour – Willy threw down his first BMX world first – a front flip, forward bike flip. Check out the ridiculous vision!

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