Ruben Alcantara Interview

Ruben is hands down a legend, and Andrew McMullen at Defgrip took some time to get a healthy seven minute interview going with him. Needless to say if you’ve ever wondered anything about Ruben this is a must watch, And If theres you haven’t click play anyway. The style cat from Malaga will be stoked!

"I had the great opportunity to visit Malaga, Spain and stay with Ruben in February. While I was there, I had a few requests to do an Original with him. While the trip was work related I wasn't sure if I was going to have the time or not to make the interview happen, but right at the last minute before Ruben took me to the airport we sat down for a half hour and made it happen! I'm real happy we squeezed it in!

Ruben is a legend in his own regard, having made a heavy impact of the current style of riding as well as the type of bikes we ride and being responsible for some of the most influential video parts of our generation. Ruben is not only an amazing rider, but an amazing person and I have been a fan since I can remember!"