Royal streets of Cambridge

You know what’s a lot more exciting then watching a car carrying some royals drive by? Going out and riding! Thats just what Josh de Reus, Michael Reid, Sam Hardy, Lucian Webb, and Daniel Smith did, and they filmed this mellow edit of the adventure.

“So the British Royal King William & Kate Middleton visited our home town of Cambridge today 12/4/14.
So we celebrated with a street ride on our bmx bikes.
Riders featured: Josh de Reus,Michael Reid, Sam Hardy,Lucian Webb and Daniel Smith.
Location: Cambridge NewZealand.
Camera: Go Pro Black.
Music:Vince Staple&amp:Mac Miller-Back sellin’ crack Ft scHoolboy q.
Filmed & Edited by : Michael Reid & Friends. D.D.A.D. 2014.”