Sunday Bikes – Gary Young “Grow Up” DVD Section

From our Grow Up DVD Review:

Next up is a section that will blow your hair back the first, second, fifth, tenth, twentieth time you watch it. Gary Young's tenure on a team full of young guns might define him as a veteran, but he's still pedaling at shit with the fire and fervor of a guy half his age. You can really tell he was out to push himself filming for this video, with all the proof in the last two minutes of his part. It's pure unadulterated chaos, chock-full of setups any millennial groundhog would be hard pressed to step to, much less, pedal at.

Like any number of his previous parts, this one will be looked upon with wide eyes for years to come. Trends will come and go, but there's something about going fast and snapping tabes with a big ol' smile on your face that will never ever ever go out of style. "Timeless" isn't a word that can be accurately and inarguably used to describe many people's riding, but I'd go so far as to say that Gary just might be this generation's BF. An enduring icon with a style that transcends time, a guy you wouldn't mind every kid looking up to, a rider you want to watch age like wine. I've always been a bit envious of skateboarding because they get to see their legends not only grow up, but grow old. It's my hope that brands like Sunday stay committed to supporting the kind of riders we want to cultivate, guys like Gary Young.

“Gary Young is 33 years old, has been a pro rider for 15 years, and is at the top of his game. It’s hard to understand how after so much time as one of the most skilled BMXers on the planet Gary’s abilities could possibly continue to improve, but there’s no question – he’s never ridden better.

A big part of Gary’s sustained upward trajectory comes from how he keeps it fresh. Gary is nothing if not adaptable: he continues to evolve with BMX and embrace new forms of riding and changing bike setups while still maintaining his core pedal-to-the metal style of hauling ass and charging through any obstacle in his path. Gary rides everything, and he rides it at full speed and with unmatched authority.

Perhaps even more impressive, while filming for Grow Up, Gary also managed to be a devoted husband, raise a young daughter, celebrate the birth of his son Lincoln, ride in the X Games twice, and film his epic Vans Illustrated video part. If you don’t think that’s incredible, you don’t have even a passing understanding of how hard any one of those things is. Seriously, Gary’s the man, and his Grow Up part is sick.”

–Walter Pieringer

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