Relentless Energy Short Stories 2011: Good Morning Gravity: Niki Croft

From YouTube:

Injury is something that Professional BMX riders have to deal with, it comes with the territory. However what happened to Niki Croft at the London Cycle Show on the 10th of October 2010 was something else entirely.

The third entry in the Relentless Energy Short Stories 2011 short film competition, Good Morning Gravity, has been directed by BMX videographer Richard Forne, and tells the story of Niki’s recovery after an accident that nearly cost him his life, put him in a two day coma, and left his memory shattered.

Beautifully shot, and combining action footage with evocative cinematography, the film is both tragic and uplifting. The film also features a soundtrack composed by Richard and Laurent “Lags” Barnard, guitarist with hardcore punk band, Gallows.

For Richard, the reasons for choosing Niki as a subject were obvious. “his accident affected the entire BMX community and I feel his story is inspirational. His recovery and return to his bike had a huge positive effect on me, and I would like to share that with everyone.”

Relentless Energy Rider, Niki tells the story in his own words. The affect the accident had on him is obvious, as is his focus on not letting it hold him back, in both his riding and his day-to-day life. “If you have to give up everything you love, then it’s not really life is it. You need to be doing these things to be living, that’s especially true with me and BMX. It makes me feel alive.”

Good Morning Gravity is a story that is universal; it talks about confronting the idea of death, of coming to terms with how fragile people really are. It’s also about what people can achieve when they have enough focus and drive, it truly epitomises the Relentless Energy “No half Measures” ethos. A worthy entry for 2011’s Relentless Short Stories Competition.