Red Bull Quarter Master – 2014 Promo

Red Bull’s Quater Master is currently going down, and it’s exactly what it sounds like… A bunch of the world’s best riders, riding the most massive quarter you’ve ever laid eyes on, amazing dirt jumps, a dirt bowl, and more. There’s even a chance for 50 lucky winners to score free tickets! Check out this quick promo and get stoked for the official event footage.

Sebastian Keep has built and ridden one of the biggest dirt quarter pipes ever made, reaching heights of more than 45 feet. This September he returns to Wales, to a new course, built to push him and eleven others riders to new limits.

Towering at twice the height of a double decker bus and taking around four months to complete in late 2013, the idea to build the quarter pipe came to Bas around five years ago when he approached Red Bull with a sketch on a piece of paper. This year, he has added new features and invited the best riders to come down and ride with him.

It’s going to be bigger and better than ever and you have the chance to be there. 50 lucky winners plus a friend will get exclusive tickets for the chance to watch Bas and friends take on Quarter Master!