Rascateld Promo Edit

Here is some leftover footage which doubles as a promo for a new video from the We Ride Kid Bikes crew called Rascateld. Street, park, trails, theres a bit of everything in here…

“This video is Rascateld leftovers, which will be released before this summer 2014. 
Rascateld bmx is a short film starring the boys of the island (WRKB), friends and people who travel from other places to Tenerife, to ride and enjoy the good weather (sometimes).

Chris Bouquet
Proty, Chris Rosillo, David Fernandez,
Riders: rubio,melo,toño,tasio,javi,pinky,mathieu,ville,jack,mike,robin,carlitos,dani,ale,mishhhaaa,bembi,samada,jose,josue,diego,jorge,jony,”