Range Of Motion: Trails Day Four

Stealing wifi from a Taco Bell to bring you a video update from day four at John Jennings’ trails in New Jersey. Pretty much a huge departure from the first two sets of trails we rode, today resembled more of a Dew Tour finals than an average Saturday in the backwoods of Jersey. I’ll just go ahead and list some of the tricks that went down: 360-flip, flip-whip, cannonball-barspin, triple whip, flip barspin-to-turndown, 720, opposite 720, tailwhip-to-no-hander, 360-whip-to-barspin, a double flip, and lots more. Seriously epic. Of course now I expect you to be slightly pissed since you won’t find any of that in the video below, but I made a slight effort to throw in a bit more BMX for you this time around.