Perspective 002 – Mike Aitken

I’m almost at a lost for words for this one, but please do yourself a favor and watch this beautiful piece about one of the best there’s ever been. There’s something to learn from what Mikey has been through… And while he has your full attention, go back and watch Aitken’s Killjoy section.

“After Edwin Delarosa, The Diggest is proud to present his second documentary about : M I K E A I T K E N.
From his riding to his brain injury recovery, everything shows that he was a true model of strength, willpower and style. Discover a video portrait that pays tribute to one of the most stylish and influential rider of his generation.

See more pictures, words and behind the scene here :

A film by Thibaut Grevet.
Filmed & Edited by Alex Valentino / Thibaut Grevet.
Photographer : Vincent Perraud.

About Perspective Project :
In a world with more and more web videos, The Diggest wants to make a break ,to create something
a little bit different, and to focus more on the creative process and the people around bicycle.
"Another Perspective" is a timeless video serie, which tries to present with style who had and who will change the 2 wheels world.