Patrick Kelly – Front Brake Brethren

I’ve always admired a little front brake action. Too bad I’m too set in my ways to actually put some on my bike. This edit from Patrick Kelly does have me giving it a little more thought.

There’s a little story behind the song choice here. I started riding in 2003 when bike riding looked a little different than it does now. The bikes were heavier and taller. Riders were psyched on Metro Jams before there was a Texas Toast. I got exposure to BMX through a little project called Props video magazine, where bands like Lucero, Hot Water Music, and Jawbreaker were commonly the background music of choice. I’m not old school by any means, but those bands encapsulate a period of BMX I long for and wish I could revisit. Ergo, no hip hop, no electronic, and absolutely no dubstep in my edits. – PK

Music: “Our Own Way” – Hot Water Music”