Our Wax – 2013 Promo

Looking to get your grind on? Well Our Wax can help smooth things out and let you grind even the roughest ledges.

“Throughout our travels in 2013 we have met a bunch of awesome people who are down with the cause. Thank you to every one of you.

Our Wax has DIFFERENT SHAPES for rails or ledges. 
Our Wax has FINGER HOLDS for grip. 
Our Wax is SOFT on the flat side for concrete or unwaxed surfaces. 
Our Wax is HARD on the arched side for rails or metal surfaces. 
Our Wax is HANDMADE by riders and to be used by riders.

More info about us and our other products 
on the web: www.ourwax.com 
Follow us on twitter @ourwax”