Odyssey’s Chase Hawk Tire

Chase Hawk has a new tire coming out from Odyssey that is sure to become insanely popular upon its release. Chase has always been a fan of the slick tire and now his dreams have come through with it being available in 2.2″ and the gigantic 2.4″ version. Check photos above and details below.

Chase Hawk's signature tire is officially complete. It comes in 2.4" and 2.2" sizes, can handle up to 100 PSI and available in Black, Tanwall and Whitewall. Get ready because these slicks will be hitting the stores in August.

Hit up your local bike shops and favorite mail-orders to make sure they're getting a pair of these 'cause you can bet they'll be selling out fast.

We’ll have a One Hot Product on these dropping the week they’re on the water and coming to the States. Until then, wait anxiously…