New Videos from The Set

Shaky, over contrasty filming of a 20 minute flatrail session from The Set:

Callan and Calvin inhabited the Barrel House to escape the rain and got this in before darkness SET in.

And a random skatepark session from Callan Stibbards:

Callan Stibbards is bullshit good, its not really a secret, all of this was filmed just in a normal afternoon riding, i only asked him to do one thing, which was the alley-oop 540, but he’d already done it a few times already… the rest of this was me just filming him cruising around doing what he normally does- Seb Scott.

Calvin and callan threw this lil edit together before the sun disappeared at the …spot fun spot .

Calvins deprae films vid “still bleeding black and blue the follow up to “let it bleed”