Nathan Williams 2014 Video

Nathan Williams comes through with some wild moves in this edit for Monster Energy. One of the highlights for me was the tooth hanger to pop over into the ledge..

“I‘ve had this edit on my computer for the last few months and since I’ve been traveling a lot, I have often found myself without internet and in need of something to amuse my friends. So naturally I turned to my computer, which has a few dozen BMX videos saved on it as well as whatever edits are currently in line to be premiered on the site. Subsequently, I have watched this web video upwards of 30 times with various groups of people and basically have it memorized. Based on the responses of my friends as well as my own personal opinion, I think it’s fair to say that this video is unbelievable. And what’s really disturbing is that these are clips that Nathan was okay with letting go for a web video while he continues to film for various upcoming video projects. Unreal. 

Shout out to Tom Creasy and Monster Energy for hooking this up. If you live in Spain, make it out to the Barcelona Street Series that Monster are doing this upcoming Sunday.

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