NASTY MONDAYZ 01 – Skate Stopper Shinner To The Bone

I've often thought that someone, anyone could cut/injure their hand on a "skate" stopper and then frivolously sue and get some sort of legislation banning stoppers on handrails. Maybe. But anyway, because Charlie ain't suing anybody about this…

"Welcome to Nasty Mondayz, a feature dedicated to our favorite club in Barcelona, The Apollo. We will be posting up disgusting crashes every week.

First up is Charlie Crumlish splitting his shin to the bone on a jagged skate stopper while filming for his upcoming S&M edit. This took 19 stitches to close up, 6 of which were under the skin.

He is very sad and laid up hurt for a few weeks, so follow him on Instagram and also send him 5 dollars marked "weed money" in the mail:"