Monster Army Recon Tour West Coast Round 4 from Skatelab, CA

A little more street than the previous stops, the locals and familiar names on the tour definitely didn’t disappoint. I want to know what Trevor Fitz did that barspin into…looks gnarly.


“SOLANA BEACH, Calif., July 30, 2013 — The Monster Army Recon Tour presented by Replay XD held the ninth stop at the famous Skatelab in Simi Valley, CA. The Recon Tour blew the doors off the building by hosting the first BMX contest in over a decade. The course was street oriented and challenged the riders to show their technical skills on the stair sets, down rails, and the bowl on the upper level of the park.

Emmett Thomas, who is no stranger to the Recon Tour series, showed his technical skills and walked away with the win in the 13-15 age group. Next up was the 16 + division where a battle for 1st was brewing between Cory Clark from Palmdale, CA and Andrew Coleman from Benson, AZ. Cory barely edged out Andrew in the end and claimed the top podium position and all the bragging rights. The Play Open division was really stacked and all the riders had their work cut out for them. Brian Fox from Deerfield Beach, FL impressed the judges with his speed and power on the course. He had technical tricks backed by big lines and transfers that no other competitor was doing. Brian earned the 1st place podium finish, but because he already had a wildcard spot in the Play Am Finals from an earlier Florida series, 2nd place finisher Ed Percival will be taking home the golden ticket and the 9th spot to compete in the Play AM finals.

The day wrapped up with a rail jam contest on the stair features with the winner taking home a Hyper frame. The athletes put their bodies on the line by doing some of the most technical tricks we witnessed all day. Dave Canary took home the Hyper frame with a fakie full cab down the wedge gap in the last seconds of the competition.

Special thanks to our tour partners Monster Army, Hookit, Replay XD, A3, Vans, XRyderz, Madcatz, Pro-Tec,, Hyper BMX, Mike Spinner, Fat Tony, and Todd from Skatelab.

Final results from each division:

Play Open Final Results:

1st- Brian Fox
2nd- Edward Percival
3rd- Sebastian Smith

16 + Final Results:

1st- Cory Clark
2nd- Andrew Coleman
3rd- Fernando Hernandez

13-15 Final Results:

1st- Emmet Thomas
2nd- Connor Hart
3rd- Jack Straiton

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