MN Nice VX Promo

These Minnesota boys sure are nice. I love the twin cities and the scene up there, I have been close to a bunch of guys in the scene for a long time now and I am stoked to see that they are out putting in work for a long term project. Hyped to see a video that shows the talent the scene has up there.

“Here is a short and sweet promo for the VX/SD, Skworl/RDDO portion of the upcoming MN Nice full length video by Kyle Mileski. Video will be released by January 2018, with parts and clips from:
Ethan Schmitt
Bryce Groenwold
Derek Strong
Eugene Serrato
Aaron Cahoy
Michael Hart
Mark Schlegel
Kyle Mileski
Jacob Gunlach
Rahlin Rigsby
& More
Music By:
James Taylor: Mexico”

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