Mike “Hucker” Clark: Snakes on a BMX

Hucker narrowly avoids certain death before claiming another epic Hillside Jam victory!

He might have taken out winner's honours at Cam White's annual Milwaukee Tools Hillside Dirt Jam last week but Mike "Hucker" Clarke very nearly didn't make it on account of him coming within inches of being bitten by a deadly tiger snake.

Make no mistake, Hucker was attacked, the snake striking at him at rapid speed and forcing Hucker to rely on his dynamic reflexes as his only defence.

But how it came to happen is the real story…

"I worked at a reptile store for about five years – I got paid to clean the snake pit for a living," Hucker says with a grin.

"So every time I come to Australia I go hunting for snakes. I just love reptiles and I try and catch snakes everywhere I go. Everyone was kind of tripping out that I caught a tiger snake."”