Matthias Dandois From 10 to 90 Seconds

Some will love the way this slow motion edit, some will hate. Check out Matthias Dandois in Hadrien Picard’s new “From 10 to 90 Seconds” edit, testing out Picard’s new Sony FS700 camera.

I know, hundreds of slow motion videos have been already made. Even a couple of days ago, i swore i would never do “one more” slow mo vid, i used to tell that i’d use it with care.
But… i couldn’t resist!
After waiting for 4 months, i finally received the Sony FS 700. Since the main project for what i’d need it had been delayed, i had nothing planned, but i was excited to make some SL tests at 240fps.
So with Matthias Dandois, during a rainy afternoon in Paris, we had fun testing the camera & filming a line from different angles. We were amazed by the result. 
Like the shallow DOF, it’s a trend that is going to be overused, but you have to admit that even a simple or casual thing looks amazing in slow motion : by showing us what the human eye can not see, even a guy walking in the street looks like a gladiator!