Matt Samsky In Medellín Colombia

Mathew Norval Samsky, where do I even begin with this character. I’ve been giving this fool sh*t for well over a decade now. For the last two months he’s been down in Colombia on a South American adventure. Quite surprising to all of us here is the fact that he actually made it back to the US. Or should I say, was allowed to enter back into the US. Well he was and with him comes a 13 minute edit chronicling his journey. While there is some awesome riding that goes down in it, I think what’s more impressive is the culture and hospitality that it documents. Columbia was never on my radar of places I’d like to visit, but after watching this I’m forced to reconsider.

“IG: Badmatty222

Matthew Samsky (PRO BMX Rider) passing through our city (Medellin)
In an adventure, enjoying our perfect weather, places to ride (spots) and sharing with each of us in different places he knew. A great adventure told in 45 days 12 min. Enjoy it!

“Get married When you are positive
That nothing else fun will happen in your life.” Matt Samsky”